How clean is your House? UK Style

I've just been watching the UK show, "How clean is your house?" and I am astounded at how filthy the inside of some houses can be! The fact that people would just turn a blind eye to the dirt and mess that is around the house. I think that I would not like a dirty place, as I'm pro-hygiene. Just thinking of all the germs that is lurking on those filthy homes! Ick!!!


Chavs and White trash in the UK

I was at my local supermarket this arvo and just behind me was the
ugliest white trash I had ever seen. Dressed in a grey tracksuit with
a white crew-neck T-shirt and white sneakers with hot pink stripes.
Yikes! I think that qualifies her as a chav as well, with an extremely
high tied ponytail. Would anyone please tell me if there is a
difference between white trash and a chav?

I like people watching in London. I get to see so many types of
characters! :)

I also just switched my phone provider from Orange to O2. I'm glad I
did, as reception's much better. Post more later! :)

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I feel damn sian. Can one of my friends, that I've known for a long time please be free tomorrow? I'm gonna call you. I want to pengz, you know.


McDonalds' Banana Milkshake

I'm now at Oxford Circus, having my first banana milkshake from McD's.
I've never had this particuar flavour in any of the establishments I
had patronized. It's not what I had expected. I hope to erase this
oncoming sore throat from having a cold beverage in London while it is
still winter. :p

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Out and about in London, again!

Now on the tube, going around London and making full use of my time
here. Ogling at the good-looking englishmen also helps. I now know why
the suit was invented, but sadly, it doesn't suit people living in
tropical climates. I love men in suits, for many reasons, which I will
choose not to elaborate here. :) My friends, let your imagination run
wild. :D

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